Coexistence Wellington

Our Story

Art is a way to cross all boundaries and reach out to all members of the community.

Flowing on from Exhibition Coexistence promoting that message, my interest and passion lies in the area of exploring harmony between cultures, supporting and recognising all cultures and their identity and promoting peaceful coexistence of different peoples.

Coexistence reminds us that the link between people is more important than the differences while celebrating diversity and promoting understanding.


"What is happening today in various parts of the world is a cycle that cannot be broken without brave and inspired leaders who must solve the problems with generosity, mutual understanding and non-violent thinking. What we need today in many places is more consideration, kindness, modesty and love."

— Raphie Etgar, Curator of Exhibition Coexistence


The Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem initiated and created an unusual and thought provoking giant outdoor art exhibition entitled “Coexistence” that is currently touring the world. The exhibition is composed of visual images of coexistence created by artists from around the world. The Museum held an international competition and a prestigious international jury selected the best works to form the nucleus of the exhibition.

As “Coexistence” travels, local competitions are held in host cities and the most intriguing works are added to the exhibition during its journey. The panels are mounted in a central and meaningful location in each city and the exhibition serves as a focal point for many other activities on the theme of coexistence and for raising awareness in the community.

This exhibition encourages people to think about issues of tolerance and understanding and raises questions that we must answer about ourselves and our communities.