We were the 35th city to host Exhibition Coexistence and had an amazing couple of weeks with it up in Wellington! We learnt to coexist with the Wellington weather and had two wonderful weeks with Coexistence and it's message here in the coolest little capital in the world!

So, now it is up to us to spread the message of peace and tolerance with people around the world!

We would like to thank the Wellington City for all your support and for coming down to the Park to see Exhibition Coexistence. Thank you for all your amazing feedback and creating some great conversation alongside the large panels of art. 

The exhibition will continue to travel around the world and will now include our very own Wellington artist, Matt Watson with his incredible piece "THE COLOUR OF BLOOD". You can check it out HERE and also view Matt's portfolio here

Exhibition Coexistence is initiated and created by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Raphie Etgar (www.coexistence.art.museum)



On behalf of the Wellington City Council, I am glad to welcome the Coexistence Exhibition to Wellington. The exhibition has proved a popular attraction in 30 cities throughout the world, and was just as enthusiastically received in Sao Paulo as in Zurich. The exhibition promotes peaceful coexistence of different peoples, which is an extremely relevant and important message today. I look forward to seeing this inspiring world-class event in Wellington.

Justin Lester

Mayor of Wellington

The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) is pleased to collaborate with Coexistence and their International Outdoor Art Exhibition in Wellington. We share Coexistence’s message of peace and tolerance with people around the world. UNA NZ is committed to the ideals embodied in the UN Charter and the crucial role of the UN at the centre of multilateral cooperation to promote world peace and justice, and to eradicate poverty and hunger.  We need to work together to help promote and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The leaders of the world have given us a clear blueprint, and by following it, we can help build a future of peace and prosperity.  Coexistence and UNA NZ are working together towards achieving these goals.  

Joy Dunsheath

UNA NZ National President